Africans murdered after racist shooting attack in Italy

By The Ligali Organisation | Mon 12 December 2011

Protest: Some two hundred Africans march in outrage

Italian police have confirmed the killing of two African street sellers and wounded of three others by a european on a racist shooting rampage in Florence, Italy.

At lunch time the killer, Gianluca Casseri, 50, drove to crowded marketplace in Dalmazia Square, Florence, parked his Volkswagen Polo car and then got out and started shooting at African people with a large .357 Magnum gun execution style.

Samb Modou, 40, and Diop Mor, 54 were the two African Senegalese killed during his lethal racist assault, Moustapha Dieng, 34 survived with serious injuries. Moments later he drove away, parked in the central San Lorenzo market and about two hours later opened fire again this time injuring two more African street sellers before fleeing to a parking garage, getting into his car and committing suicide by shooting himself in the throat.

Africans take to the streets in protest at the murders of Samb Modou, 40, and Diop Mor

Speaking to the media, Omar Ndiaye an African woker based in Florence explained that many Africans in the city were very scared he said, “Senegalese traders are often the victims of racial abuse… On the streets people will call them names, accuse them of ‘stealing’ the jobs of Italians and will tell them to go home.”

It is reported that on Wednesday “The shootings sparked tension among the African community in Florence. Dozens marched, sometimes pushing over parked motor scooters and garbage bins, to the office of the prefect, a government representative, to demand justice.”

As a result, the Italian city of Florence observed a moment of remembrance. Flags were flown at half-mast and shops were asked to stop trading for 10 minutes at 12:00 in mourning

Since the racist murders, a fan page has been set up on Facebook entitled “Gianluca died for us” attracting over 6,000 “likes” from users. Comments include; “Florence was only the beginning. We'll clean up all of Italy.”

Racist: The killer only targeted Africans

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Gianluca Casseri, 50, drove to crowded marketplace and started shooting at African people with a large .357 Magnum gun execution style. Mor Diop and Samb Modou were the two Senegalese killed during his lethal racist assault, several were seriously injured

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