Police officer caught on CCTV kicked African in the head

By The Ligali Organisation | Fri 2 September 2011

A police officer was jailed for 18 months after caught kicking an African in the head with as much force as used for playing football.

PC Edward Prince, 31, was found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm after he booted Nyrone Games, 27, in an act of “thoughtless naked aggression” as his colleagues pinned the African man face down on the pavement in Brighton Road, South Croydon.

The Trinidadian, Nyrone Games who was being arrested in relation to conspiring to supply Class A drugs faced several assaults from the police officer who the judge described as causing him “cuts and grazes to his face and a swollen and blackened left eye”.

It is reported that eyewitnesses described seeing blood splattered across Games’s face and on the ground beneath his head after the assault in which the officer intentionally struck his head as if he was “kicking a football”.

Prince was captured on CCTV running towards the front of Games as he lay on the floor.

PC Tina Bassett told the jury she overheard Prince tell Games he deserved the kick. The out of control PC who was in plainclothes at the time told Games he would have suffered much worse treatment if the event had not been captured on CCTV, saying “you would have got a good kicking. You well deserved what you got”.

Kicked in head: Nyrone Games, 27

Only following orders

Prince claimed Games's blood and saliva got on his shoe from bending down so closely to him. But a jury at Southwark Crown Court today convicted Prince of assault occasioning actual bodily harm after rejecting his fictitious claims.

Judge Jeffrey Pegden who jailed the officer for 18 months said “Witnesses described your actions as like kicking a football with some force... In my judgement you also hit the prone man with your radio, which was in your hand.”

The officer who denied deliberately kicking Games in the head during an arrest claimed he was only following orders to restrain him.

Undercover Police Officer: PC Edward Prince, 31

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