Racist club fined thousands after bouncer abuse

By The Ligali Organisation | Thu 18 February 2010

An African visitor to a Belfast club and his friend were each awarded £7,500 in compensation after enduring racist abuse from a bouncer who refused them entry.

Domingos Lopes, 30, and Joanne McGuinness, 25, were denied entry to the Bambu Beach Club, which sits inside the Odyssey Complex, Northern Ireland as the club doorman made obscene racist and sexually remarks to the couple.

Lopes is an African his friend, McGuinness, a european.

A judge at Belfast Recorder’s Court ordered the club to pay £15,000 in damages as well as court costs after finding that they were discriminated against on the grounds of sex and race during the incident that took place in September 2008.

McGuinness said “Although we had done nothing wrong we were made to feel very small and humiliated in front of a whole queue of people,”
Staff and management at the venue witnessed what happened but chose not to intervene.

Domingos Lopes

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